Don’t you just love deer as decorative items. I use them a lot especially around the holidays and into the winter months. There is something soothing and beautiful about these animals.

At the thrift shop this week I ran across these two frosted glass deer. Goodwill was running a 50% off Christmas sale and I was browsing the shelves when these two creatures popped up. I have found glass deer before but usually they are chipped or broken. These were in perfect condition….and 1/2 off.

The horse in the center I found a few weeks ago and I just love how he looks.

However, decorative items are one thing but practical items are another. I’ve been on the lookout for drapes for our guest room. I needed something lined as the room looks out on the street. We have a blue, black and gold Art Deco theme going on in that room so those were the colors on my list. In a little thrift store in a mountain town nearby I found these.

I was so excited. As always I looked them over carefully and they looked brand new. There were no stains or pulls and they had four panels. There are two windows in the guest room which made them perfect. We have high ceilings in that room so the longer length worked really well. You can check the online price for these…it’s a bit staggering for four panels. These were literally a steal.

That same day, in the same town but at a different thrift store I found this.

William Sonoma, stainless steel, 12 quart, double basket steamer. This was probably used only once or twice. I was a little embarrassed at how little they wanted for this item but it didn’t prevent me from purchasing the pot.

Lastly, I found a Brown Betty English Teapot, a three cup French press and a vegetable steamer. All practical items that found their way home.

It was a fun day of thrifting with lots of really good buys and some really spectacular ones as well. Hope I haven’t used up all my thrifting Karma for the year.

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