Christmas is over and the boxes are finally packed away. The house looks a bit empty but I am enjoying the extra space to just relax after all the activity of the last few weeks. This past Summer and Fall were challenging healthwise but things are returning to normal. I am very grateful for that.

So, it’s on to new challenges and adventures as 2020 begins. What better way to start than getting some great bargains at the Thrift Store.

One thing I am always on the look out for is ribbon. I use mostly wide wired ribbon for projects and various decorating needs. I was thrilled when my husband came across a basketful of Christmas ribbon.

Most of the spools have not even been opened so this was a terrific find. All 12 rolls were a total of about $8.00. Much of the ribbon sold originally for $7.99 – $15.99 per roll. I was definitely doing my “Happy Dance” for this find.

Like most of us I pick up ornaments, garlands, etc. in the after Christmas sales. I try to limit my purchases because I have accumulated quite a lot over the years and really should be cleaning out…not adding to the collection. However, sometimes you just can’t resist. What’s on the table represents my after Christmas purchases at Thrift Stores. You really can set a Christmas table for a really small amount of money. Just be on the look out for what you might need.

On the table we start with the Lenox tablecloth which looks brand new. I found wooden chargers by Pier 1 ($5 for four of them). The crystal is Mikassa’s Park Lane pattern. The pattern is discontinued but available on eBay. Prices are quite high so I was delighted when I found a set of 18 pieces in excellent condition for $35.00. The place settings for 4 of the really cute Christmas dishes were about $3 for the 4 place settings. You need a centerpiece for your Christmas table and this set of 4 Radko train pieces will make a brilliant focus for a Christmas tablescape. I was jumping up and down for this find.

Love the way this looks. The colors are vibrant with wonderful details.

Found this really wonderful glass and metal horse that has graced my table with his presence since coming home with me. He’s really quite special.

This great Santa cookie jar found it’s way into my shopping cart and cleaned up beautifully. Not a scratch on him and next Christmas he will be filled with delicious treats for all to enjoy.

Not strictly Christmas…I found this terrific Calcaphon cast iron with enamel 9 x 13 casserole. Looks brand new.

It’s in Christmas red which is so cheerful. Maybe I should be calling it Valentine’s red? Can’t wait to cook with this. Have a casserole in mind.

A few other things made it into the basket but I’ll share those another time. Enjoy your thrifting adventures this year. Make your lists, keep your eyes open and check your prices. See you soon.

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