There’s nothing better than a beautiful day at the Biltmore Estate. The weather was perfect….cool, sunny, and the spring flowers were in bloom. On this visit we skipped the house exhibits and headed straight for the gardens.

Biltmore has some spectacular photo opportunities …. pretty much everywhere you look. It wasn’t hard to find some great statues to photograph against the background of the grey stone house and the blue sky. The terra cotta color of the sculpture really stands out.

I love finding interesting shapes and textures in plants. These vines twisting and climbing with that hint of leafy green at the top and the shadows cast by the vines onto the muted yellow post was compelling to me.

The vines climbed to the top of the Pergola providing shade for this lovely covered walkway.

The stone wall of the walkway was broken up by arched stone insets that sheltered rather ferocious sea creatures wrapped around a trident.

In the Formal Gardens peonies were in full bloom in multiple colors. Don’t you just love peonies?

Roses of all colors added their gorgeous blooms and heavenly perfume to provide a feast for the senses.

Rhododendron added their multiple blossoms to the beauty of the day.

We weren’t the only ones capturing a moment in the Biltmore Gardens.

We followed the path of a tranquil stream as it meandered downhill to the lake. It provided bubbling music to accompany our walk.

Everywhere we walked, everywhere we looked was bursting with the promise of life overflowing. It was wonderful to be reminded that the beauty and tranquility of nature is all around us, if we only take the time to look.

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