It was a beautiful morning today and decided to take some photos of the flowering plants. The gardenia are blooming now and the air is scented with a delicate perfume. The Foxglove is almost finished but they have been beautiful.

Lambs Ears bloom on upright stalks far above the rest of the plant. They are such an odd looking bloom but lovely in that silver grey color.

I have several varieties of hydrangea and they are starting to bloom. This one will be a delicate blue/purple.

The Oak Leaf Hydrangea are the first to bloom. They have been out for awhile with lovely delicate white flowers.

I don’t remember what these are called but they come back every year and trail over the sides of the pot to drape in purple drifts.

Had to take a couple of pictures of the vegetables . The peas are flowering so hope to have some to harvest soon.

If you look carefully inside the plant in this picture, you can see some baby zucchini just beginning to grow. It’s exciting when you see your plants starting to produce. The beans are starting to flower but didn’t take their picture today.

Also have yarrow, lilies and iris blooming. Will save those for another post.

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