These gorgeous Trumpet Vines have out done themselves this year. I guess the rain has helped but my garden is a joy to be in.

The Clematis has been beautiful and has been blooming for a couple of weeks now. So pretty by the side of the house. The maxim… right plant … right spot… really holds true.

This is the last of my Snowball bushes to bloom. It is always later than the others but has done a super job this year.

It’s nice to have things bloom from Spring into Fall. You always have color and flowers make you happy.

I love to bring the flowers in the house. Especially this year as the pollen counts are really high and I have to wear a mask to garden. It works but certainly isn’t as pleasant as working mask free. However, I can be out there with the plants and that is the important thing.

The vegetable garden is doing well and we have peas and beans and carrots coming up now as well as lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula and cilantro. I’ve been harvesting and what a difference in the taste when it’s fresh from the garden, organically grown.

Just getting the herb garden going for the year. Planted nasturtiums today in some of the pots. Hope they grow as we love the flowers in salads.

A lot of the perennial herbs came back and are doing well. I’ve been harvesting chives, lemon balm, oregano, sage, winter savory, and marjoram. Plant sale is next week so I’ll be able to pick up a few more and get them in the ground. Basil is doing well and will probably add some more as we use lots of it during the summer.

I love these early bloomers for their deep purple color and their capacity for spreading themselves. They are also easy to transplant to another part of the garden.

Most everything I grow is pretty self-sufficient. I love the perennial

herbs and flowers because they mostly take care of themselves. I get to just enjoy them for their beauty and their usefulness.

Ron set this up today and it makes such a lovely sound. This was an estate sale buy. He is so clever. Turns out it really wanted to be in our garden for it’s next life.

The roses are blooming in another corner of the yard. Tranquil spot for a little relaxation and quite shady in the afternoon.

If you don’t garden … start. Try a couple of pots. You will discover the joy of watching something grow and thrive. You will love to watch the blooms forming. If it’s herbs or vegetables, you will love using them in the kitchen and adding them to your meals.

Joy awaits! …from my garden to yours…

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