Haven’t done a lot of Thrifting lately, at least not where I’ve found significant treasures. Sometimes you just have slower thrifting days. Having said that…. here are a few things I ran across the other day. Picture left is of a hand painted Italian plate. Found two of them with different paintings and they are really quite pretty. Have used them for Spring table settings. I love the filigree work. Plates were about $2.50 for the two together.

Also found this Il Mulino tea pot which looks like it has never been used. Sometimes I keep the things I find and sometimes I give them as gifts. This would make a nice addition to a basket of tea goodies.

This stainless steel milk jug is, I think, intended for use with an expresso machine. Use it for frothing milk.

Found this for a couple of dollars. You can write the name of the cheese on the slate next to the cheese that you are serving. Nice if you’re doing a wine and cheese party. When you find something like this that looks a little worn you can bring it back to life with soap and water followed by a little mineral oil. Works great.

These were a great find. A box of 6 crystal D’Arques glasses with the tags still on. They were $1.99. Nice heavy crystal, pretty design and you can add to the set easily.

Last item is this really great oil on canvas painting by a known artist. Even the frame was in good shape. As always, you should look any art work up on line before purchasing so you know what you’re getting. Sometimes you may get lucky and find something you like by an artist whose work sells.

That’s it for recent thrifting.

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