We arranged to attend this bread making class just south of Kilkenny when we were in the States. So with the class set we went to the cooking school in Thomastown very early in the morning. The cooking school was called School of Food. We were welcomed with tea and coffee and took up our stations with about 16 other bakers.

We were scheduled to make four different kinds of bread : a white loaf, party bread, sour dough and focaccia.

The Party Bread was actually rolls which were covered with poppy seeds and another seed blend. They were placed really close together for baking. They were quite good.

You can see the oven loaded with Foccacia Bread just waiting to be baked to golden perfection.

While waiting for one bread to be done we were busily working on another. These are white loaves waiting to rise.

The head Chef/teacher would demonstrate what we were supposed to do and then turn us loose to do it as she came around to help. We learned that in Ireland people use yeast cakes of live yeast and not little packets of processed yeast like in the States. I had never actually seen a yeast cake before. The school also supplied recipes and you were able to take everything you made home with you as well as some sour dough starter.

The day was really busy and fun and we learned a lot about making bread — The Irish Way. Would recommend The School of Food for anyone wanting a local Irish experience.

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