Wasn’t expecting to find much this week as it’s that in-between time. The after Christmas clean out is long past and the Spring cleaning and yard sales haven’t really started yet. So I was delighted to run across these Mikassa French Countryside mugs that go with a set I just acquired.

A friend was in Florida for a month and is a Thrift Store veteran. She texted me to see if there was anything I wanted her to look for and I told her Mikassa French Countryside tableware. The next day she texted me pictures of a set she found in a local thrift store. The price was great and the set included some lovely serving pieces. It was in perfect condition so I told her YES! She brought it with her when she came to stay for a few days on her way back home. Now I’m just filling in with a few pieces. Have a set of 8 plus extras. Lucky me. Thanks Susan.

At the next shop, Goodwill, found this set of 12 bird plates by Haviland, New York. Each plate depicts a different bird which was drawn by Edwin Macgargee. They have a beautiful leaf motif around the edge and are quite lovely. These will make great dessert or luncheon plates for Spring. Imagine them sitting on top of a French Countryside dinner plate.

Still running with that white dishes theme, I found these two large serving bowls from Pottery Barn. They are part of the Great White Dishes set. One is about 14 inches across and the other maybe 12. Both in perfect condition. Very useful and fit right in with my other dishes. Spring and Summer I fix a lot of salads so these will be great for serving that type of meal.

This was definitely the buy of the day. Brand new Calphalon Stainless Steel Tea Kettle for 75 cents. I have a friend who really needs one so I will be passing this along to her. Love the sleek, modern lines on this and how the lid mirrors the handle.

To round out the day I came across these “Twig” butter spreaders — brand new in the package and this really interesting “pie cutter”. I had never seen one before. It makes all the pie slices equal. If you have kids, this could be a great tool. Will use it on my next quiche.

That’s it for this Thrift Shopping Expedition. Have a good week!

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