The Dungarvan Greenway stretches from Dungarvan to Waterford and is about 26 km. long. It is a dedicated roadway for walkers and bikers that goes through some beautiful Irish scenery.

We started the day by renting bikes in Dungarvan at a local shop in town just a few minutes walk from the beginning of the Greenway.

You have the option of riding all the way to Waterford and meeting the bus for the ride back or riding half way there and getting a bus or going halfway, turning around and coming back. We chose the latter as we didn’t want to be constrained by bus times. We also were making a separate stop in Waterford another day.

So helmets on, we started out.

We had a picture perfect day and plenty of opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful countryside that we passed. The Greenway is easy riding and quite wide. Not too many roads to cross. It was really pleasant. We went during the week so there weren’t a lot of bikers on the trail.

This marked the half way point. On the other side of this little town is a bike friendly place to stop for a break and refreshments. It’s actually a little more than half way so it feels good to rest for awhile. After tea and soup we started back to Dungarvan.

Sea views greet you as you return to Dungarvan. Really wonderful to be on the cliff with the wind blowing and the sun shining.

We returned our bikes at the end of the ride. It was about 5:00 p.m. so time for a pint.

It was so sunny and warm. Perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather and, of course, a pint of Ireland’s best.

Ended the day with dinner at the pub in the Park Hotel and Leisure Center. Great meal and Yes we had another pint. After biking all day we definitely deserved one.

Another great day in Ireland.

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