The Round Tower in Ardmore with its beautiful view of the sea was built in the 12th C. It is one of the best preserved Round Towers in Ireland. The tower entrance is positioned 4 meters above the ground and was accessed by a wooden ladder. The monks would store their books and treasures in the tower when threatened by invaders.

The Tower is surrounded by a peaceful graveyard still in use today.

The ruins of Ardmore Cathedral are located at the same site. Dating to 1170 the chancel is the oldest part of the remaining structure. The most unusual feature is a series of sculptures on the outside west wall. You can clearly see Adam and Eve, the Adoration of the Magi, and the Judgment of Solomon. It’s quite impressive.

This shot was taken inside the cathedral. You can see the beautiful arches that still stand after so many years. Eight medieval grave slabs are located in the Cathedral and two Ogham Stones that were moved there for protection. Ogham is a very early form of writing found in passage tombs and ancient sites.

After the Tower and Cathedral we made our way to the Ardmore Cliff Walk. We found out about this from a local we met in Dungarvan. I’m so glad we did. This is a great walk right along the water that also encompasses some historic landmarks.

The views were wonderful and we had such a beautiful day for this.

St. Declan christianized this area prior to St. Patrick’s arrival about 431 A.D. He here and retired to a small cell not far from the well.

St. Declan’s Well is one of the first things you come to as you begin the Cliff Walk.

These buildings date to the earliest days of Christianity in Ireland. There is a really peaceful feeling surrounding these ancient structures. It’s amazing that they have survived to the present day.

After passing the Well and Church the path takes you closer to the cliff edges and you have wonderful views of the waves crashing against the shore. We were there on a calm day. Even then there is a lot of wind as you walk along. Quiet invigorating. Lots of locals walk the path.

Coming back is just as pretty and in some ways better as we knew tea and scones were at the end of our walk.

The path ends in the parking lot of a boutique hotel that serves a lovely tea overlooking the water. We took advantage and had tea and scones before continuing on our way.

Really enjoyed the Tea and Scones with jam and clotted cream as well as little tea cakes and cookies. You can see the sea in the background. It was quite lovely. In the summer you can sit on the terrace outside and enjoy the view even more.

Ardmore is a great off-the-beaten path excursion just outside of Youghal and not far from Dungarvan. You won’t find many tourists here. You can enjoy the peace and beauty without the crowds.

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