On this bright, windy morning we began our adventures in Baltimore on the southern coast of Ireland. We stumbled across Dun na Sean Castle which was originally build in 1215 by Sleynie, a descendent of Robert FitzStephen. It is first recorded in the Irish Annals. It became the main seat of the O’Driscolls for about 400 years and holds one of the earliest records of people dancing in Ireland. The O’Driscolls administered trading activities and collected taxes from foreigners conducting business in the port of Baltimore.

In 1631 the Sack of Baltimore took place and in 1649 Cromwell arrived and took the castle as a garrison for his troops. The castle began to decline until 1997 when the McCarthy’s began the current restoration. The task was completed in 2005 and the castle is now open to visitors. The public area consists of a great hall with two original fireplaces and two second floor galleries.

Patrick and Bernie are delightful hosts and Patrick gave us a tour explaining some of the history of the furnishings and the restoration process. We spent a delightful couple of hours at the castle.

The resident parrot is a fun reminder of the link to Algerian pirates in the port of Baltimore.

You can also access the outside gallery for wonderful views of Baltimore harbor.

This is one of those experiences where the more questions you ask, the more you will enjoy the castle.

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