Lough Hyne is a picture perfect lake that is quite unique. It is closed off to the ocean and is fed by the tide twice each day creating a salt water lake. This allows for unusual biodiversity in the 72 species of fish and other unusual marine specimens. Lucky for us it is also used for night kayaking through a company called Atlantic Sea Kayaking.


It’s really cool that they run this adventure at night as the lake is bioluminescent. As you dip your paddle into the water thousands of stars appear. As you raise your paddle the bio luminescence follows out of the water in a streaming river of stars. Incredible.

I don’t have any pictures of the actual kayaking experience. When you arrive at the Lough you are outfitted with layers of waterproof gear and cautioned against bringing cameras or cell phones with you in the kayak. So, rather than worrying about getting the perfect shot, you are free to enjoy the wondrous experience of being on the water, in the darkness, surrounded by warm sea water and silence.

The guides are terrific and give you lots of information interspersed with calm moments and opportunities for peaceful meditation. I am not a kayaker and I was able to keep up without any problem. The experience lasts about 3 hours and is one you will remember your whole life.

It rained gently as we paddled around the lake. We scooped up stars and allowed ourselves to be in the moment as the natural beauty surrounded us.

This is an experience you really shouldn’t miss. Make your reservations in advance to ensure a place for this magnificent adventure.

When your time on the Lough is at an end head to the pub for a Jameson’s hot toddy. Perfect way to end the evening.

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