The Priest’s Leap is near Kenmare (relatively) and is really off the beaten track. The road is a boreen which means it is one lane with a grass strip down the middle. The only inhabitants of the area are cows and sheep and it is quite a climb. Having said that, it is really cool. You travel on this tiny single track road where you can see a car coming from miles away — there are no cars — and the countryside is rugged and truly Irish. To make the trip from the priest’s take off to his landing is about 25 km. of beautiful countryside.

It takes awhile to get there on the tiny road. You’ll see a sign on the side of the road identifying the spot of the Priest’s Leap. Then you have to clamber over rocks maneuvering amongst the sheep until you reach the spot of take off.

According to legend a priest chased by soldiers escaped by having his horse leap from a mountain cliff near Kenmare into County Cork. The two spots are marked by rocks bearing horse’s hooves and the priest’s hands and knees.

Another great spot with no tourists. You have it completely to yourselves and the sheep.

We didn’t do the whole 25 km. but turned back towards Kenmare. We met a car on the way back and the driver was kind enough to pull over. Interestingly, the driver got out of the car, leaving it on the road, and tested the ground where she was going to pull off. It must have been prone to bogs. After testing to make sure her car wouldn’t sink, she pulled off and waved us through with a smile. We would certainly not have known to do that. Another example of Irish courtesy.

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