After a long day of touring some off the beaten track sites: Bonne Heritage Center; the Priest’s Leap; and VerArt we needed some sustenance. We headed into Kenmare.

We took a few minutes to walk to the Kenmare Stone Circle on the edge of town. It is one of the largest with a central alter stone.

It was pretty late but we stopped at the Wandering Inn for some food. Ron ordered this hamburger that came with fries and a salad and, of course, a Guinness.

I had a great meal of fresh mussels with homemade brown bread and butter. The mussels in Ireland are usually local and freshly harvested. I don’t think I was ever served less than 3 dozen mussels and always with brown bread. These were in a wine and cream sauce and absolutely delicious.

After dinner we decided to stop for a pint before returning to our self-catering house. It was within walking distance of town and we always chose to walk as the drinking laws are really strict in Ireland.

Ron had gotten his certificate of pouring at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin so I asked our bartender, Brian, if Ron could pour his own.

He cheerfully invited Ron behind the bar and made his day, his whole trip, by letting him pour his own Guinness. Then he poured a couple more under Brian’s watchful eye and got full marks for the pours.

Ireland is such a genial country. If you are pleasant and cheerful in talking to people they are more than pleasant and cheerful back.

After some lengthy conversations with some lovely locals at the bar we had also learned a lot about betting on the horses in Ireland.

Another great day.

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