Bonne Heritage Centre is off the main road between Kenmare and Glengarriff. Boasting 6 archaeological sites in a beautiful park setting, it’s a good outing from Kenmare.

The purpose of the Bullaun Stone is unclear but may have been used to mark astrological alignment.

The fulacht fiadh is the name given to an ancient cooking pit dating from the Bronze Age. It is usually near a water source. It is heated by placing hot stones in the water and fresh meat wrapped in straw was added to the water to boil.

This is an example of a stone circle with a central boulder burial. This particular one is significant as it has eight solar and lunar alignments.

Three additional sites in the park are: the famine ruin; the ring fort; and, the standing stone. The path takes you in a circular loop to all of the archaeological sites. You have some nice views as you reach the top and there is a sweet fairy house exhibit for the children. We did this on a cloudy day with a bit of drizzle. Would be nice to take advantage of all the walks in sunny weather.

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