Left Kenmare early in the morning for our day on the Beara Peninsula. Our first stop was the Uragh Stone Circle.

The stone circle is about 4,000 years old and is located on the Northern shore of the Beara Peninsula. It is not difficult to find but it is very private. The access road is quite narrow and twisty but that is part of it’s charm. After passing through a gate you are greeted by rushing water and a small series of rapids.which flow on your right as you approach the car park.

When you look the opposite way from the rapids you see the most idyllic Irish country scene. Flowers dot the riverbank and hills rise in the distance.

Sheep stroll leisurely across the road leading to the small parking lot. You pass through a gate which you have to get out of your car to open and close. For those seeking an off the beaten track experience, you will not be disappointed. After arriving at the car park there is a small fee asked to view the Stone Circle.

Across the road from the car park a gravel path leads you up into the hills and to the Stone Circle. The cows acted as our guides this morning and led the way to where we wanted to go.

We continued up the path following our guides. The morning air was crisp and still and we were alone, immersed in the natural beauty of the countryside.

Every so often our guide would turn around as if to say, “Come on, not much further. It’s worth the effort.”

Then you come over a small rise and are stunned by the immense beauty of the scene. About 8 feet in diameter with 5 standing stones and a huge outlier stone about 10 feet high the circle is not very large. The setting is profound. Directly opposite across the lake is a magnificent waterfall cascading down the mountainside. It’s a place of serenity and mysticism made more apparent by it’s self containment.

This circle is complete — in and of itself — holding the knowledge of the ages — and you are a privileged guest on the edge of it’s wisdom.

Clearly I was affected by this ancient site. You will be too. Best part — you will probably have it all to yourself. As we were leaving another couple waited at the crest of the hill to approach the circle. They had stopped not wanting to intrude on our communion with the site. As we left the circle and climbed the hill to leave nods were exchanged but no one broke the stillness.


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