One of the fun things to look for at the Thrift Store is art work. Now I will be the first to admit that art is “in the eye of the beholder”. Having said that I will also admit that most art at the thrift store is pretty awful. However, sometimes you find something that really appeals to you and then — you have found a treasure. This week at the Thrift Store we found three. The painting above is an original by a local artist and is nicely framed and matted. I really love the subject matter and the colors that are used in the painting. It made me happy to look at it and it will look great in my house. The frame alone is worth the cost of the painting. About $10.00 which is more than I usually pay.

It was, however, offset by the second painting which is an original work in chalk professionally framed and double matted. I loved this picture. A wintery scene but still somehow warm and inviting and the water leads you right into the painting.

This print is signed and has been professionally framed and double matted. Looks to be an original print but even if it’s not, I like it and it’s beautifully framed, ready to hang. It’s by Toulouse Lautrec and, as you can see, it’s one of his circus themes showing a bareback rider and ring master. Love the muted colors and attention to detail.

Found this brand new Spiralizer for 25% off the $3.50 price. It is still in the original packaging — never been used. I’d been wanting to try this for awhile and now I can. Will post the results.

I love to find these Nordic products. They really work well and are heavy duty. This is a great Maple Leaf pattern so can’t wait to try some muffins. Sells for about $22.00 but at the Thrift Store I paid $2.00. this one was in brand new condition. I don’t buy cookware unless it is.

Also found this silk 9 foot table runner from Crate & Barrell. I don’t what the actual cost would be for such a large runner in silk but I’m sure it’s more than the $3.00 I paid. Perfect Condition.

Also found this lovely Mercury Glass Jar with lid. It has an interesting scene on the front in grays and blacks which adds to the overall look of the piece. I’ve developed quite a fondness for Mercury Glass. Couldn’t resist this one at $2.00.

These plates are a humorous take on the holiday season and I thought would be fun for dessert or appetizers. They were 50 cents apiece so couldn’t pass them up.

Last, but not least, found these appetizer plates which had never been opened. There are 4 plates and you hang the wine glass from the plate as you walk around at a party. These were $1.00.

So that is the weeks purchases at the Thrift Store. We actually went a little further afield for these and visited a small town about half an hour away. I think it was worth the drive.

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