Every well-stocked kitchen needs a colander for rinsing vegetables, berries and draining pasta. Certainly there are inexpensive plastic and metal colanders available at local stores. Why not have a pretty porcelain or steel colander in your kitchen? You’ll enjoy using it more than one of the cheaper varieties and it will cost you less than that cheaper variety.

You can find lots of really nice, barely used or even new porcelain colanders at the Thrift Store. Bring them home, wash thoroughly and you are ready to go.

This pretty, good-sized colander has a nice motif on the front and back. Handles allow for a good grip and easy lifting when full. It has a nice little pedestal and is in my favorite white. Paid a couple of dollars for this.

Here’s another example of a porcelain colander. It sits on a pedestal and is trimmed in blue and yellow and embellished with blue flowers front and back. Good handle grips and easy clean-up make this one of my favorites. Also fits into the white dish category.

My most recent find is this lovely little porcelain white berry bowl. It has a great handle making it easy to hold or pour from. Patterning on the outside carries to the inside in a sort of swirl. Fits in with my white dishes. I can see myself using this a lot when strawberry season comes around.

Last one for today is this lovely steel enameled blue and white colander with stainless steel handles. As you can see this one is also on a pedestal and is in perfect condition.

I paid under $4 for the most expensive of these colanders and I use them in the kitchen all the time. I don’t know if prettier kitchen tools make you a better cook? I know I enjoy cooking more when I have pretty and functional things to use — especially when I’ve gotten them for a lot less money at the Thrift Store

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