After leaving the Desert O’Dea Archaeology Centre we made our way to Kilkee on the coast of Ireland. Kilkee is a lesser known Cliff town with beautiful Cliff Walks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is much less touristy than the Cliffs of Moher and you don’t have to pay to access the cliffs. There is a beautiful and extensive walk along the top of the cliffs which give you superb views of the Atlantic coastline.

The cliffs aren’t quite as high as the Cliffs of Moher but they are imposing.

Lots of opportunity for some great photos as you traverse the path and venture onto the rocks. We met a few people but not many so it made the experience very personal.

We walked a long way along these cliffs. You climb quite a distance but the path is well-defined so pretty easy going for most of the way.

After returning from your walk you can stop in the cafe at the start of the Cliff Walk for lunch or tea. We had tea and scones with homemade raspberry jam. Some of the best I’ve tasted. We stayed at the Kilkee Town House B&B and it was delightful. Our room was right under the rafters and very comfortable. They don’t have an elevator so the stairs can be a bit of a hike. Breakfast the next morning was A+. Great beach town and beautiful Cliff Walk.

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