As you probably know by now, my kitchen is outfitted with mostly thrift store and estate sale finds. I don’t just put finds away in a cupboard. I actually use them often in my kitchen to prepare meals. So I thought I’d show you how I used some recent finds.

This meal started with a bread maker.

The Bread Maker was at an SOS Thrift Store in my area and had only been used a few times. It was spotless, had the directions, and all in the original packaging. For about $6.00 I didn’t even have to think about it. We use the bread maker a lot to make our own breads. It’s fresher, has less preservatives and makes the house smell great. Also, very easy to use.

The next finds were the red mixing bowl (I love mixing bowls), the French Baguette Pan and the bread making cookbook. All found at local thrift stores.

So with all the necessary kitchen items, the bread making began. It was really easy and quite fun. For this recipe I mixed everything in the bread machine and set it on the French Bread Dough setting. When the setting was finished I removed the dough from the bread machine and placed it in the red bowl that I had sprayed with oil. I made sure that all of the dough was covered in oil and placed a damp towel over the bowl to let the dough rise. After one rising I cut the dough in half and shaped each half into a baguette.

One of the baguettes went into the baguette pan. You can see that loaf on the left next to the pan. The other baguette went onto a cookie sheet. After an additional rising, the loaves were baked and came out great. I am now looking for another baguette pan.

When the bread was ready.

I used my newly acquired Fondu Pot — Brand new at the thrift store and under $5.00 with all the attachments — and made a cheese fondu.

The Fondu was absolutely delicious and we really enjoyed eating it with our own homemade French Baguettes.

So there you are — a meal using only thrifted kitchen items. Hope you’re able to find some great kitchen items on your next trip to the thrift store.


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