This great Bundt Pan was $2.99 less 25% at the Thrift Store this week. It’s a Nordic Ware product called the Poinsettia Pattern.

The baking pans in this picture were really irresistible. I love making muffins, popovers, and bundt cakes. The 12-cup popover pan (you only see 6 cups in this picture) is from Chicago Professional and retails for about $31.00. I couldn’t find the exact Bundt pans on-line but I would imagine they would run about the same as they are very heavy duty. It’s nice to be able to make individual cakes for a dinner party or event.

I pick up pans like these as I see them in the Thrift Store. Baking pans clean up really well and sell for a fraction of the cost of new. They also make for fun desserts on special holiday occasions. The Easter and Gingerbread House baking pans are Wilton and run under $10.00 new but I bought them for just a couple of dollars at the thrift Store.

The Halloween pan is called Tombstone Cakelets and is a Nordic brand. I paid about $3.00 and it sells for $29.45 on Amazon. Makes great individual cakes that are fun to decorate.

I found these two Nordic Bundt Pans recently. The Gingerbread House Pan I had just seen at a Williams Sonoma store and the other pan is an older design but very pretty. Reminds me of a cathedral or church. Again, these were about $4.00 at the thrift Store and retail for $25.00 and up on-line.

I really like to have a variety of pans to use for baking but can’t really afford to tie up hundreds of dollars in baking pans. For about $25.00 I was able to add all of these baking pans to my kitchen.

Note: Just make sure there are no scratches in the surfaces of the pan which would make it difficult to use for baking.

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