We visited Lough Crew Cairn as a day trip from Trim, Ireland. If you are interested in Ancient Ireland this is a must see site. It is about the same age as Newgrange, a much bigger tourist attraction. Unlike Newgrange, there are no tourist crowds waiting in line to visit the tomb. There isn’t a tourist center. There is just you, the beautiful Irish countryside, and the tomb. This is ancient Ireland up close and personal.

Lough Crew Cairn is up a 700 meter climb to the top of a hill that overlooks the beautiful Irish countryside. The ancients who built these passage tombs often chose elevated sites for their construction. You can see the large stone lintel at the entrance to the passage. It is flanked by curb stones that encircle the mound. This passage tomb is similar to New Grange in its construction though the scale is smaller. You can see the entrance gate in the picture. The best part is that you can enter this passage tomb on your own by obtaining the key from a nearby cafe.


Inside the tomb you will find examples of symbols etched in the stone. You can actually touch these ancient writings as you explore the inner chamber.

The markings on the stone are quite clear and intricate. Spiral symbols and chevron type patterns are etched deeply into the surface of the rock.

This may be a depiction of a fern or other plant life. You an see circles as well.

Here you can see a spiral as well as many grooves cut into the stone.

These pictures were taken from inside the cairn using a flashlight for illumination. Have one of the small megawatt flashlights with you when you go exploring ancient tombs and ruins. They are really helpful.

Here you see the stacked stone construction with large stones along the passage and at the entrance to the doorway into the main chamber.

You can see the stone on the outside of the cairn.

It’s really true what they say about the many shades of green that comprise the Irish countryside. It’s stunning.

We were so fortunate of have beautiful weather for this day trip. This Passage Tomb is a peaceful spot for contemplation, meditation and just enjoyment of a lovely sacred place.

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