Most people don’t buy art work at the thrift store. They buy the frames and discard the art. I often do that as well. Sometimes, however, I buy the art and then look for a frame that will enhance the work. In this case I bought the watercolor for a couple of dollars. It is an original by an artist that can be found online. The matting and the frame were in tatters so they were discarded and I just had the watercolor in a box. I kept an eye out for a frame I thought might work and after about a year found this one at the thrift shop. It had an inexpensive print in the frame which I took out and replaced it with the watercolor. Although it’s hard to see in this photo, the colors were absolutely perfect. The print was double matted and matched the watercolor exactly and the opening was perfect for the watercolor. Now I have a beautifully framed original piece of art for about $6.

Sometimes you get lucky and find the art and the frame in good condition as in the example on the right. Bought this for a couple of dollars and this artist sells for about $300.

In this case, the painting (watercolor) was purchased with the mat in good shape. Then I found a frame that complimented the beach scene in the art. Frame and art work just a few dollars and I love the piece.

This watercolor, a beach scene, was in great shape as was the frame but the matting was ruined by water damage. So I took it to a local framer and had it double matted and reinserted in the frame to create a beautiful picture.

This is an original etching I fell in love with. The cat is really appealing and the surrounding work beautiful. It was found, as is, for about $5.

I could go on and on with other examples but you get the drift. Sometimes you have to look at thrift store finds in separate pieces. Sometimes it’s the art that speaks to you and sometimes the frame. Sometimes it’s the whole piece. But whatever you don’t like about it can be changed, usually, and what you love you’ll have in your home to enjoy every day.

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