You’ve made the perfect, unexpected find, at the thrift store. You love it, like these great plates fro Portugal I found at the local Goodwill. I’ve discovered that I really like to use my finds and not just have them sit in a cupboard….looking lovely…. but still just sitting. So, I have been making an effort to use more of my thrift store purchases on a daily basis.

Found these great Italian bowls the same day as the plates above. So that night for dinner I paired the plates and the bowls with a new recipe.

I also found the serving bowl that day — same thrift store — and decided to put them all together for dinner. (It was a great thrifting day)

The result was this tasty spring salad with asparagus, grape tomatoes, fresh beans, snap peas and an herbal dressing. It looked so pretty in the serving bowl and the dinner bowl with the new plate underneath.

Sprinkle on a little (okay a lot) of Parmesan cheese and you have a meal fit for a hungry thrifter.

Here’s another example with hand thrown pottery plates (less than a dollar a plate) supported by some leather chargers (about 50 cents each) with thrifted wine glasses and white bowl. The meal was chicken served on a bed of rice with tomatoes and mushrooms in a wine sauce. Really colorful and pretty on the plates.

Here’s a closer look at the pottery serving bowl. I think it was about $6.00. Always check for a signature or maker’s mark if you find some hand thrown pottery.

Don’t let those great finds sit in your cupboards. Put them to use and enjoy the bounty of your efforts.

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