It was an interesting day at the thrift store. Visited two shops: Miracle Hill and the Salvation Army Store. As you can see from the picture it was quite an eclectic day. In the back you can see a driftwood fish next to a solid wooden Canadian Goose. Also found a Pampered Chef Apple Peeler, a couple of Pottery Barn astrology plates, 4 porcelain egg cups, six Mikassa French Countryside bowls, five Mikassa English Countryside cups and saucers, 4 vegetable napkin rings and 4 silver napkin rings, a rolling pin, Dansk casserole dish, crystal dome and four black chargers with rhinestone edges.

My husband has an eBay business so some of these things will be sold and the rest used for our home. I’ve started collecting the two Mikassa patterns as I would like to start using white dishes in table scapes. These two patterns are very pretty. The French Countryside pattern has pretty scalloped edges. Both patterns also have Christmas versions that can be mixed in at the holidays. I’ll be on the lookout for them.

The chargers will be great with any color dishware. Black is really just another neutral. The rolling pin, apart from being useful, is quite pretty with rounded edges and could be part of a display in the kitchen. So we’ll see how these work with some of my other kitchenware.

I have to say I was most excited about the Canadian Goose. It’s nicely carved with raised feathers. Looked for a signature but couldn’t find one. However, it’s solid wood under the paint so someone took some time to create this folk art piece. I can picture it with a bow around it’s neck in a Christmas vignette. The best part….it was only $3.57.

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