Who doesn’t love cake and…. when you go to the trouble to make a cake from scratch (like the carrot cake above) it should have a lovely cake stand to present it properly to your guests. The Portuguese cake stand above fits in well with my white dish theme. It makes for a very neutral table so your food can take center stage. I also use cake stands for sandwiches and scones when preparing a formal tea.

Of course, Thrift stores are a terrific place to find some stellar cake stands with or without domes. The one above was less than $5 and I use it all the time.

Another good option is a crystal cake stand. This particular one is a Mikassa. I buy Mikassa crystal whenever I see it as it’s well made, lasts a long time, and is beautiful. Again under $5. You’re probably beginning to sense a theme here.

Sometimes, it’s fun to buy something more colorful especially if it fits in with your seasonal colors. This cake plate has a stylized Santa and works really well for a casual Christmas buffet. This one was about $3 purchased after Christmas at a Thrift shop.

Next time you want to put out a cake for company, a family evening, or afternoon tea try this carrot cake recipe. It turns out every time and is really easy to make.

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