I stopped by the Thrift store today because I was almost out of everyday wine glasses. Mostly these come from wineries we visit so they are not the best glasses in the world. Typically when I get low I’ll just buy some inexpensive glasses at the thrift store and I’m good to go. Well today was my LUCKY day.

These glasses are Lenox Opal Innocence and sell at area retail stores for $30 – $33 a glass. I found seven white wine glasses, four all purpose wine glasses, and two champagne glasses for a retail or eBay price of a little over $400.

This shows the seven white wine glasses.

Here are the four all purpose glasses water/wine

Another picture of the seven white wines.

…and these are the two champagnes.

I purchased all of the crystal for $20.00. Yeah! I guess I have upgraded my everyday wine glasses to something a little more elegant.

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