How do you eat a scone? There are actually a number of correct ways to eat a scone with clotted cream and jam or just plain with no accompaniments. Most of this information is from Dorothea Johnson who is a recognized authority on Tea Etiquette.

Method One

Place the scone on your plate with the rounded side up. Use the knife from the place setting and cut the scone in half horizontally. Spoon small amounts of jam and cream on your plate in rounded teaspoons. Never put the jam or cream directly on the scone. Take only enough for your scone. Use the knife to place some jam followed by cream on the edge of the scone. Eat that portion and return the scone to the plate. Have a sip of tea, converse, and repeat.

After each preparation place the knife at the upper right edge of your plate with the blade facing in.

Method Two

Slice through the scone on your plate and remove the top half placing it inside up on your plate. Take the bottom half and spread the entire half with jam and then with cream. Place the knife in the upper right hand edge of the plate. Pick up with your hand and take small bites interspersed with sips of tea. Have your napkin ready to wipe any excess jam and cream from your mouth. Repeat with the top half.

Method Three

Slice through the scone on your plate, lift off the top portion, break off a bite-size piece with your fingers. Spread jam then cream on the piece with your knife and take that piece to your mouth. After preparing that one bite, place the knife on the upper right side of your plate, with the cutting edge of the blade facing in. Repeat until the scone is gone.

Whatever method you choose, scones are a wonderful treat at Afternoon Tea.

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