This is a quick post on keeping your eye open for brand name china when thrift shopping. I have found quite a few pieces from makers like Spode, Beleek, Lenox, Sadler and Longaberger. I always feel that I’ve hit the jackpot when I come across a really pretty piece amidst all the china from “China”. These were from a December thrift outing to my local thrift stores. The Bunnykins, Beleek and Spode were from Goodwill. The teapot from the Humane Society and the Spode from S.O.S.

In the picture above you can see Spode Christmas mittens dishes in original box ($4.50), Royal Doulton Bunnykins plate and mug ($2.44), hand thrown whimisacal teapot ($4.50), Beleek Vase ($1.35), Lenox Vase ($1.35). I paid a little more than I like to for the teapot and the Spode Christmas mittens but that was offset by the Beleek and the Lenox. It was a good day.

Other brands to watch for are Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Fitz & Floyd, Mikassa, anything Italian, German or English, Starbucks and L. L. Bean. These smaller items make great gifts year round and look beautiful. Don’t buy anything chipped or cracked. Always check inside the box before you leave the store. If the box has been taped, asked to have it opened and check the contents. The store personnel are really nice and happy to accommodate you.

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