This pottery teapot just grabbed my heart. Love the beautiful branches with blossoms and the bird flying between them. Very graphic with the black on the vari-colored earth tones in the background.

Pottery teapots are some of my favorites. They conjure cozy low ceilinged rooms with a comfy chair by a roaring fire. A tea table is near at hand with a pottery teapot and earthenware mugs filled with steaming tea. Rain is pounding on the thatched roof …you get the picture. Aesthetically they are attractive and they are also really practical.

Pottery teapots hold the heat well. If you add a cozy to cover the pot, your tea will stay warm for a very long time. If you’re planning to use the teapot for tea and not just for decoration, you need to check out a few things before purchasing.

Be sure that the potter has crafted a strainer between the inside of the pot that holds the water and the spout. This will help catch any loose tea leaves from pouring into your cup. Also check to make sure the pot pours without drips. Pick it up a few times and pretend to pour out of the pot to check the balance. Pottery pots are heavier than porcelain teapots so balance is important when pouring very hot tea.

I was really fortunate to find both of these teapots (main picture and picture at left) at a recent estate sale. I loved the colors and they were in perfect condition without any Knicks , chips, or cracks.

Found the teapot on the right about a year ago. It has a beautiful wheat pattern on the front of the pot and holds 6 – 8 cups of tea.

When brewing tea in a pottery pot add a teaspoon for each cup and one for the pot. Use an infuser for easier cleanup.

Pottery teapots are expensive as they are also pieces of art. They are occasionally found at thrift stores and estate sales but eBay and Etsy have them available for every taste. Enjoy!

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