What’s important to know about teapots? There are many different kinds of teapots and I’m going to start with a very ancient kind. Some think it is perhaps the first type of teapot used and it originates in China. These are Yixing Teapots from the Jiangsu Province in China. They are made from purple clay, zisha, and are typically used to brew Pu-Er and oolong tea. The tea leaves are placed directly into the small pots instead of into a strainer or infuser. The clay is porous and, when hot, absorbs the flavor of the tea right into the pot. The flavor builds with each use and enriches the taste of the tea. That is why only one type of tea should really be used in each of these pots. Because the flavor builds over time, these pots are sometimes called “memory teapots”.

The teapot pictured above brews one cup of tea and has a lovely fish design on the body of the pot. The lid has a carved frog surrounded by moving frog’s eggs. I found this in a thrift store for 50 cents. It was my lucky day.

Two additional examples of Yixing Teapots which are also decorated on the body of the teapot and on the lid. These have decorative handles and spouts as well. Each of these teapots would hold 2-3 cups of tea.

A second type of pot is the Cast-Iron Teapot. These teapots are much heavier than the typical ceramic teapot. It is a hefty pot that has been used for centuries in Japanese tea ceremonies.

While some iron teapots are just used for heating water, this pot is equipped with a tea strainer/infuser and is used for brewing tea. All these pots are crafted to retain heat. They’re a great option for someone who likes to enjoy several cups of tea over an extended period of time.

This teapot was also found at a local thrift shop. A great way to add to your collection.

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