Welcome to a post about trees in your winter and holiday decorating. I hadn’t used them much before this year but went a little crazy with the theme. As you can see from the picture above I have a nice selection of silver trees with a little glass and even some candles for good measure. I added a little homemade gingerbread house for some interest. You can see the thrifted gold tree in the center and the iron candelabra on the right with blown glass globes that I got from a thrift shop a few years ago.

I liked adding the deer and the glass lantern to create more of a scenic look. The lantern actually has a tree candle inside. The lantern, glass tree, and deer were from the thrift store.

This picture shows the thrifted brass deer holding a candle, a tree candle in silver next to it and behind it is a glass tree on a silver plate base which turns and plays a Christmas song also thrifted.

The little vignette on the left includes three glass trees from the thrift shop. Two of them are filled with green and blue glass pebbles (also thrifted). The center tree is on a wooden base and holds a candle in the shape of a tree inside. Behind is a thrifted book and on the left a candle holder with a pine cone candle resting on top. Of course, from the thrift shop.

This place setting is all thrifted except for the flatware. Love the Christmas Tree napkin holders.

In the background is my Christmas cow. Not really Christmas but red and green. She has a happy face and always makes me smile. With a few greens and the last of the flowers from the garden she adds a nice casual touch to the table.

In this picture you can see the wooden trees in the background (husband made) but on the plates are thrifted napkins folded into Christmas trees. The glassware is tinted and hand blown from the thrift store. Everything is sitting on a thrifted pink, green, and cream tablecloth.

On my list for this year’s thrift store shopping are MORE TREES!!!!

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