What’s Christmas without a few classic, and not so classic, tales of the season. Who doesn’t like to sit down with a little one in your lap and enjoy reading some wonderful Christmas stories together. It’s a quiet moment in a very busy season that allows you to appreciate the family members most in your thoughts when you decorate and plan for the holidays. The best part …. children’s books are absolutely affordable on almost any budget. You won’t pay more than 50 cents a book and often it’s as low as 25 cents. I love to find pop-up books in good condition as they are entertaining for everyone.

This one is part of “The 12 Days of Christmas” by Robert Sabuda and is a definite favorite.

I was lucky to run across a couple of his books in perfect condition.

Another great thing to pick up at the thrift store are puzzles. I know you’ll wonder if all the pieces are going to be there and I have had puzzles with a few pieces missing. However, 95% of the puzzles I’ve picked up have been in great condition with all the pieces present. The best part…they’re usually under $2.

I look for puzzles suitable for children and puzzles for adults. The puzzles in the picture above I found this year and are all Christmas related. Not a piece missing in any of them. We always try to have a puzle set up during the holidays so everyone can work on it when they choose.

The one to the right is a 500 piece for 7+ so a great gift or a puzzle for the family to do together. I also look for big floor puzzles. Usually they are about 24 very large pieces so you can count them at the store. They’re suitable for toddlers up to about First Grade. Often puzzles are taped shut but the sales people are happy to open them for you so you can make sure everything is present. That’s also true for games.

Thrifting Tips

Only by books in perfect condition. No rips or tears and no writing or book plates. I like to give books away to family who visit and sometimes share with neighbors so they have to be in great shape.

If a puzzle has less than 50 pieces, count them before you buy.

Ask to have games opened, if they are taped, and go through them to make sure all the pieces are there. A few extra minutes can save you a headache later on.

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