Bowls are one of my weaknesses. I just love bowls in all sizes and shapes. I like to use them when I’m cooking a regular dinner and, of course, when I’m baking. Especially Christmas baking. Put on some Christmas music get out the flour and have a great time creating a delicious treat for family and friends.

Thrift stores are great places for finding bowls but you have to be prepared to dig a little and grab them when you see them. If you wait, someone else will scoop it up while you’re making up your mind.

One strategy I have is to travel around the thrift store with a cart. If I see something that looks interesting, I put it in the cart. That doesn’t mean I’m going to purchase the item but I am sure going to think about it. While it’s in my cart someone else can’t buy it. If I decide not to purchase the item, I simply put it back before I leave the store.

These are bowls I purchased in December of this year.

The blue flowered bowl is hand thrown pottery with a ladle included that was designed to be a punch bowl. I found this in one of my favorite consignment shops in the clearance section.

I love the one with the Christmas tree.

The red bowl is from Portugal.

The average price was about $5.00. The most expensive was $8.00 and the least expensive was $3.79.

The bowl pictured by itself is the one behind the red bowl in the group picture. This is also a hand thrown pottery bowl. (I have a weakness for pottery.) .

The two matching bowls are great because they have pouring spouts that can be very useful when cooking.

My latest find is a simple white bowl in the shape of a leaf with lovely leaf carvings on the inside as well.

Bowls are beautiful and functional. A beautiful bowl can make your experience in the kitchen better as you enjoy handling and seeing these beautiful tools. So look for bowls, use bowls, and enjoy bowls every day.

Thrifting Tip

When shopping for bowls check carefully for chips and especially for hairline cracks. Cracks of any kind can make the bowl unuseable for anything but display. I like my bowls to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. “Function before form” is my motto for bowls.

Also, bowls can be pricey so check the label on the bottom of the bowl and do an on-line search. You’ll know what it would cost to purchase new and can better gauge if the thrift store price is a good one…or not. You can always try negotiating, if you think the bowl is priced too high.

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